Use your supplier's e-catalog

You are faced with the challenge of getting all required parts for maintenance in time. To lower stock costs, it is possible to purchase non-critical components with a low order value in time instead of keeping a stock of these articles.

But do you know how you can optimize your purchases even further?

Rimses E-catalog offers users the possibility to directly place orders for MRO articles through the supplier's e-catalog. With this, the article data with corresponding prices are retrieved from the internet and loaded into the Rimses package. Not only is the purchase order request immediately available for ordering, but also the article form and the price data are filled in in Rimses.

Rimses connects to the supplier's e-catalog

In Rimses, an OCI (Open Catalog Interface) can be set for each supplier that offers an e-catalog. When this is done, you will have instant access to the supplier's e-catalog from Rimses. This link makes sure that the article information is correct and up to date.

Discover the benefits of Rimse6 e-catalog


With one push of a button the person requesting the information can consult the information about articles in the e-catalog of the supplier through Rimses. The desired articles can be directly moved to Rimses. Each article from the supplier's e-catalog and the technical data can always be consulted online. From now on article data is kept up to date by the supplier and no longer by you, the customer.

Correctness of information

You can be sure that the article information is correct and up to date.

Automatic processing of data

  • The articles are automatically created in Rimses with the correct price agreements when you wish to use them.
  • Purchase order requests or purchase orders are automatically generated in Rimses.

Electronic work flow for authorization from request to purchase order

The entire authorization flow for orders - from order request to actual order - starts with all correct data and is electronically supported.

Cost saving

Use your supplier's e-catalog and save on the following costs:

  • logistics costs: less storage room is required in the warehouse
  • inventory costs: no stock has to be kept for non-critical low value MRO parts.
  • administration costs: the purchase process is more efficient, resulting in a decrease in administration costs.

Case Linking to Tradcom's e-catalog

Tradcom is a collaboration between several market leaders in the industrial supply sector. The advantage of this initiative is that better prices can be negotiated with a limited number of suppliers. With the e-catalog link to Rimses, indirect goods on a purchase order can be looked up on Tradcom's internet portal. 

All articles can be added to your shopping cart and when you click on the order button, all data are uploaded to Rimses. The purchasing department turns the purchase order request into an order. The article, including all its information such as suppliers, price, delivery time and purchase unit will then also be available in Rimses.