The user put first

No matter how well-developed and implemented toolsare, it is the end-user who makes or breaks a tool, as he has to use it every single day. This is no different for Rimses. That is why we made user-friendliness the key aspect and the absolute prerequisite in the Rimses development stages.

How can you experience the user-friendliness in the application?

  •  The screens only show what really matters. And if that is still too detailed, you can easily modify this yourself
  • The window layout can also be tailored to your company's needs, or even be modified by department of by individual user.
  • Rimses is a work flow driven application. Rimses guides you step by step along the most important windows and fields. You can rest assured that nothing will be forgotten.
  • The extended interface and integration possibilities avoid double data input.
  • The various signal functions prevent that no communication gets lost.

Our procedures : a guarantee for a user-friendly application

Actual user-friendliness can only be achieved by relying on customers and users experiences. And that is exactly what we do. Our customers have assembled and are represented  in a steering committee. This steering committee knows more than anyone what the needs of its users are. On a regular basis, this steering committee is meeting the Rimses development team, to discuss acquired experiences.

Our pragmatic consultants also play a part in this stage. They meet the users on the floor and do not avoid conversations. Our consultants do much more than providing information about the product. They are also good listeners. They consider this information carefully, thus allowing us to tailor our solution to the users' needs.

Read what our cutomers tell about the user-friendliness: