MaaS: Together we're capable of so much more

For over 30 years, Rimses has been a leader in professional maintenance. However, the world around us is changing faster than ever, and we'd love to seize the opportunities offered by this "digital transformation" together with you.


Companies and organizations such as your own face many challenges. Increased pressure on costs (competition), stricter regulations (compliance), scarcity of technical personnel and more complex systems are only a few examples. These developments require a new, collaborative approach, with their final results realized through the linking of various specialties.


Companies and organizations are used to working in isolation. Within the walls of your company, everything is optimized and coordinated as much as possible. That's certainly a good idea, but the near-impossibility of organizing and securing all those specialties within your own, ever-shrinking organization soon becomes clear. Your company or organization is part of a larger whole. There are partners, organizations and individuals whom you work with, or could be. And those collaborations can be further optimized as well. At Realdolmen and Thor Maintenance, we believe in the power of the "connected network".

To the point

Community thinking is the key to the next phase of the industrial revolution. With MaaS, we'd like to offer you a platform. A platform of which you can form a part. Within the platform, you'll have access to the following: 

  • Data shared through the platform. Various databases will be linked and information on collaborations (released by you) will be available, simplifying your administration.
  • Know-how from connected partners – not just through easily accessible documents, but also active discussions in forums and direct contact.
  • Standards such as maintenance schedules for machinery, lists of lubricants, operational instructions, safety brochures, ISO 9000 documents, calibration procedures, reports, KPIs, etc.
  • A simple software solution for all your maintenance management (including parts) which works on multiple devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets).
  • Direct consultation of various expert services. Work planners, mechanics, technical specialists, external contractors, etc.
  • A directly accessible virtual warehouse, as suppliers' inventories are linked to your system through the platform. You can check prices and availability instantly through your own system. When you place an order, all the purchasing information is automatically entered into your own system, without any extra administration required.

Basic principles

We have defined a few clear basic principles which ensure our success and sustainability. They are:

  • Co-creation: What we do, we do together.
  • No barriers: MaaS is not fenced off. Joining is just as easy as leaving. The size of your organization or company doesn't matter here.
  • Modular: The system is modular, and can be optimized in stages according to your needs.
  • Evolution: MaaS is a platform which evolves and grows. Our principle is "Think big, start small."
  • Ease of use: MaaS should save you time and money. Important conditions here are general ease of use and a good overview. Standardization makes it recognizable and easy for anyone to join.
  • Quality: This is held in high regard at MaaS. Suppliers and partners wanting to join are kept on their toes by the community.
  • Safety: Data within the MaaS community is secured according to the highest possible standards and may only be accessed by the community. Sharing data between community members may be limited according to your preferences.

Realdolmen and Thor Maintenance

Realdolmen and Thor Maintenance are both contributing their own experience and know-how in order to realize MaaS. The initiative will grow through working with investors, partners and users. Contact us to see the benefits for yourself.