Monitor projects for maintenance from start to finish


Before you start a new installation or the extension of an existing installation or production line, you probably first want to have a clear picture of the project's feasibility. Which steps should be taken? Who are the parties involved? Which materials have to be supplied? To which suppliers and contractors can we appeal? What is the cost of the project?

Project Management Screenshot

Rimses offers you a project management, with which you can assess the feasibility of your project without being engaged with the actual execution yet. If the execution has been approved, you have already laid the foundation of the work orders to be executed. During the execution, you can monitor and adjust the budgets.

With the functionality Project management, you can plan projects in the system, including a budget, material and manpower, without actually entering costs on the project. Every indication of budget, material or work force on the project level is for informational purposes only.
The actual estimate and preparation of the work orders is done by the work planner who can link work orders to the project. The actual costs are recorded in the work orders that are linked to the project.

Project management step by step

With project management, you can go through the following steps:

  • Create main project with subprojects
  • Make estimates for the project
  • Hand over the project to work planner
  • Link work orders to the project
  • Terminate the project

Project authorization

You can opt for a work flow of approval. The authorizer can be informed by means of e-mail or alerts. The execution of a project can only be started after approval.

Project revision

If a project is beyond the preparation phase, the project estimates can no longer be changed just like that. However, additional budget or alterations can be provided after a revision of the project is made.

Rimses Project

The option MS Project allows you to communicate with MS Project in two directions.
You can first create a project in Rimses and then export it to MS Project. The information will be loaded in a predefined MS Project template with Rimses data. You can optimally use the planning features of MS Project after which you can reload the project in Rimses. The other way around, you can also start a project in MS Project. When loading it in Rimses, a wizard will help you complete the missing data.


The project management functionality is available in the products:

The link with MS Project is available in the module Rimses Projects.