Rimses and Realdolmen: a smart choice

Rimses is a maintenance management system that has won its spurs over the last 26 years in many companies, in numerous industries and in various countries. But just as important as the application, is the team supporting you during all stages. The Rimses6 team, a highly experienced team of enthusiastic and driven employees, makes sure you are in good hands. Our team also feels strongly about the interests of the customer and focuses on the customer's business, rather than looking at the business from a purely technological point of view.


Thinking from the customer's perspective, rather than from a technological point of view, is the foundation of all our services. Realdolmen's vision is:

  • Reference: the preferred and reliable choice for customers, partners and employees.
  • Local: proximity to our customers in the Benelux and France.
  • Integrated solutions: full ICT offer covering the entire life cycle, including infrastructure, applications and communication.
  • The entire ICT life cycle: support throughout all plan-build-run (design-deploy-maintain) activities. 

This vision results in the following advantages for your company:

For you - continuity

By choosing Realdolmen, you opt for a company with considerable experience. Realdolmen has a broad expertise in various solution domains and sectors. As an ICT-partner, Realdolmen has over 10,000 man-years of
experience. Realdolmen has been there for its customers for 27 years and plans to do so for decades to come.

For you - one contact and freedom of choice

Realdolmen is a single source supplier but is and will remain independent of suppliers. You can call on us for all your ICT requests. For questions about infrastructure, applications or even temporary extra ICT personnel, do not hesitate to contact us. We apply a formula that offers a number of best of breed solutions and we are not limited to one supplier or manufacturer. As a result, we and our customers can freely choose the best solution for every situation.

For you - integrated solutions

An application such as Rimses never stands alone. The odds are that it has to be integrated into a greater whole of applications. Realdolmen has been acknowledged on several occasions as so-called "system integrator", a company specialized in joining systems and letting them work together.  This is no different for Rimses. Whether it's about a mobile application, a Business Intelligence solution or a document management system; it is an integral part of our service.

For you - within budget and time

Realdolmen and the Rimses team work according to proven project methods to ensure that your project will be finished within budget and time. But even the best project methods remain dependent on the human factor. ICT is and always will be the work of man. With that in mind, it is a good thing that your partner, Realdolmen, can imagine itself in your situation and think along with you. Together we make your projects a success.

More information about Realdolmen's solutions and services can be found on http://www.Realdolmen.com/.