Rimses Expert: the all-round solution for maintenance management

If you choose Rimses Expert you can benefit from all the functionality of Rimses Fundamental and Rimses Premium. A brief summary:

  • Basic data management
  • Tree structure of all your assets
  • Work requests and notifications
  • Work order management
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Article registration
  • Hours/Costs registration
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Graphical planning
  • Purchase module
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase order requests and object requests

In addition, Rimses offers extra functionality such as:

  • Safety Management
  • Multi-environment
  • Budget management
  • Quality control

Safety management offers many advantages by working with working papers and Lockout-Tagout procedures. By actively using this procedure, the safety for your employees will increase and the number of industrial accidents will decrease drastically.

Multi-environment allows you to share and exchange all sorts of relevant data between companies or locations in your group. You get the best of two worlds. On the one hand, there is room for an individual work method for every company or location but on the other hand you do have all relevant information at hand regarding all companies involved. This is a must-have for companies that want to improve their performances with strategic maintenance.

Budget management allows you to determine index numbers and budgets for your maintenance performances beforehand. This can be done very thoroughly. By comparing the actual performances with your budget, you can get a clear view of where adjustments are required. As a result, this is an important management feature.

Quality checks are closely connected with deliveries to your company. Does the delivered material meet the desired quality standard? Have the correct amounts been delivered? In Rimses, you can indicate how frequently you wish to perform this kind of inspections of a certain supplier. This can be set by article. The inspector can also advise the purchaser on how to process the rejected articles. Subsequently, a return procedure is put into place. In short, by creating and using these quality checks you can avoid problems further down the process.

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