You can still count on us after the go live of Rimses


We are there for you the moment the system goes live. Once the system is put into practice, it is nice to know users are supported by our experienced consultants during the first phase. Often, a quick solution in case of incidents and functional questions can be provided. The user's questions do not go unanswered and he immediately makes a good start.


With an annual maintenance contract we provide in support for Rimses. This way, you can enjoy the evolution of our products. The maintenance contract provides the following elements:

  • Software and documentation updates/upgrades for all products and modules of Rimses for which you have a license. Every year there will be one major upgrade for Rimses.
  • Web and mail support and telephone assistance so that you will be able to contact the help desk when maintenance or assistance is required.
  • Our customer service will be at your disposal for questions and remarks.

Service Level Agreement

For the launch of Rimses, Realdolmen has decided to enable so-called 'Service Level Agreements' in addition to its regular and already extensive maintenance contracts, seeing not all customers require the same level of support. Yet, this is not the only reason. The increased number of international customers also changes the need for wider support times. Service Level Agreements are discussed individually and fully attuned to the customer's requirements.

Rimses Helpdesk

For support you can contact the Rimses department's help desk.

Phone:               +32(0)2 801 43 27



Office hours:      Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 17:00 CET