Training: get more out of your system

Inetum-Realdolmen offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge about the working of the Rimses products and modules. To this end, you can choose for customer oriented training on site or classroom training.

Customer oriented training

The training takes place at your company, so that your users can be trained in their familiar surroundings and according to your company's own procedures. With this form of training, we keep in mind that each customer has specific training needs. The intent is to familiarize the key users with all the concepts and structure of Rimses. We organize different types of sessions, depending on the group of users. The key users are supposed to know all applicable functionalities, engineers only need to know some windows and therefore are not required to follow the entire training.
With the train-the-trainer concept, the key users are able to transfer knowledge to their fellow employees of the maintenance service.

Classroom training

Inetum-Realdolmen can also provide classroom training, which takes place on a fixed location. Inetum-Realdolmen's office in Huizingen, near Brussels, is equipped with specific training rooms and infrastructure.

The advantage of these programs is that you can refine your knowledge of a specific domain at regular intervals. It is also an occasion to come in contact with colleagues from other companies. These contacts prove to be very valuable. 

The classroom training are divided into different sessions:

  • Introduction training:
    For those who are not yet familiar with Rimses. You will become acquainted with the capabilities of the package and learn the basic skills of the system.
  • Basic training:
    For people who will use the package or want to get to know all about the basic functionalities of Rimses.
  • Expert training:
    For those who already have some experience with the package and want to learn the advanced functions.

The training program includes training sessions for:

  • Introduction to Rimses
  • Basic training
    • Inventory management
    • Purchase management
    • Work process
    • Expert training
      • Inventory management
      • Purchase management
      • Work process
    • Basic training Rimses Analyzer
    • Basic training eRimses
    • System management training

More information?

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