Rimses Service, unbeatable provision of services

Rimses Service is a distinct line in the Rimses series. The Rimses basic packages - Fundamental, Premium and Expert - are mainly focussed on internal maintenance management. Rimses Service adds an aspect to this, i.e. external service provision. Rimses Service can be added to one of the basic packages as an additional Rimses functionality related to services and sales.

Customer portal

Rimses allows you to offer your customers a portal on which they can enter their malfunctions, questions and complaints and follow up on the status of their entries. A service which your customers will surely appreciate.

Sales process

Rimses also provides an extensive sales module you can use to create quotations for your customers. These quotations then become orders and often form the basis for (sales) contracts with specific conditions for the customer. These conditions can be about the duration of the contract, agreements about service levels, arrangements about call-out charges, parts and materials,... . It is important that these kinds of information are stored in your system. Rimses is the appropriate tool for this purpose.

Knowledge about the installed base at your customer's

Rimses allows you to conveniently store all the information about the installation at a customer's in a tree structure. Customers can have several installation addresses.
You have all information about an installation and its spare parts at hand, including maintenance data, measurements, costs, technical specifications, drawings, plans, documents, service contracts, etc.

Call intake

With the Call Intake function of Rimses, the help desk operator immediately has all information about the customer and the installation at his disposal, allowing him to address the customer in a highly professional way. He also has direct access to the planning of the service engineers. This way, the operator knows exactly who can respond the quickest to a failure on-site.

Field Service

The field service engineers themselves also give feedback to Rimses. They provide information about the intervention that was executed, the materials that were used, the worked hours and the problems that were found. This can also be done with a mobile device.

The optional module Rimses Analyzer offers additional features to consult and analyze your performances concerning sales and services. After all, you have eye for the customer but also a heart for the business. 

Rimses Service is one of the most integrated solutions for service providers because it is a part of the very extensive Rimses Suite. All operational departments of a technical installation company or service company have access to every functionality required for their work. Every department builds on the information of other departments.

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