Document Management saves time and money

Today, we are living in a world where we have to face a profusion of information. Information is available in printed forms and is also largely available on our company network or on the world wide web. The question is not so much whether information about a certain subject exists, but where it can be found. This question is also quite relevant in the maintenance field. Just consider manuals, safety regulations, P&ID (process and instrumentation diagram), and CAD drawings, pictures,... .

Your challenge consists of making information:

  • available for everyone, at any time, no matter their location
  • easily accessible
  • containing correct data (version management).

Not fulfilling these requirements often implies a great waste of time in searching the adequate information. Errors can occur as the required information is missing or not up-to-date.

Rimses offers you the solution thanks to integrated document management. You can link documents to objects such as installations, machines, devices, but also to work orders with descriptions, pictures and procedures. Maintenance technicians who use Rimses Mobile can even add documents with additional information about the completed work.

Document storage

You can choose to store your documents immediately in the Rimses database. You can also choose to make these documents available through a direct link. This solution allows the users to consult an up-to-date version of the document. In that last case, you can choose a server location or a Sharepoint location. With its expertise and experience in MS Sharepoint technology, Realdolmen is able to provide the required support.