Service Management with an eye for the customer and a heart for the business

Providing good service to customers is important. However, you always want to do so in an efficient manner to make sure that your company's own goals are reached as well. This requires a way of working that pays attention to a simple customer notification, the optimal planning, the availability of the required material, the right (mobile) tools for your service engineers and efficient traveling to the customer's location. This critical combination of activities requires insight and support. However, you do not want to lose track of the costs as well.

Rimses is the solution for all areas mentioned above. Rimses is well known as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) but it also offers a broad range of service management functionalities. The advantage of Rimses compared to regular Service Management systems is that Rimses offers an integral solution which goes further than most systems do.

Perfect Planning

Not all work can be easily planned. This certainly applies to Field Service Management. Except for regular and planned maintenance, the biggest part of the work consists of anticipating unplanned customer notifications with different priorities. That is why it is important for you to have a simple yet complete planning system at your disposal.

You want to see who is available, with which competences. You also want an immediate overview of the entire work offer grouped by a selection of your choice. Rimses offers a graphical planning table which can be useful.

Spare parts

Rimses contains out of the box logistic capabilities which are normally more likely to be expected from an ERP system. You can define your articles, suppliers and warehouses. A warehouse can also be the stock in a vehicle. By having this crucial information at hand at all times, your employees will always find what they need, and the customer satisfaction will rise at the same time. 

Did you know that a lot of time and money is lost because of administration when purchasing parts? Does this sound overly familiar? Rimses offers a solution to this problem as well. The E-catalog in Rimses, with e.g. Tradcom
enables you to place your purchase orders more efficiently. You do not have to worry about a lengthy selection process to find a supplier or the seemingly endless search for the right parts.

Mobile working

You want your field service engineers to have all necessary information and proper tools available at the customer's or when they are on the road. With its mobile platform, Rimses Service fulfills this need. A robust device contains all the required information to perform the work properly. It even allows you to access all information about a machine or an installation, the history of previously performed work and even the required documentation. Immediately after the execution of the task, the hours and parts can be recorded on the work order. Subsequently, the work order can be terminated.

Field Service Management is available in our solution: Rimses Service.

Specific functionality described above is also available in other versions of Rimses. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.