Performance Management is more than just statistics

Performance Management refers to a broad and well-documented discipline. It is important to know the added value and the relevance this discipline can give to your maintenance management. Performance Management is about achieving your goals in an effective and efficient way. This definitely applies to certain departments, such as your maintenance department.

There is an obvious link between the application of management tools and the results of your company. It is important to fix in advance a number of important objectives and corresponding KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). These refer to the goals you want to achieve. Involving your maintenance people while determining these goals can motivate them, since your goals also become theirs.

Rimses, an easy of access source of information

Rimses offers you the possibility to determine the maintenance related actions in a quick and simple way. You can provide important additional information such as the used articles and the worked hours. The data quality depends on your ambition of providing correct data to Rimses. An ambition your maintenance team will share once your team members are aware of the objectives which have to be achieved. As Rimses is a workflow-driven application, these major steps will not be skipped.

Rimses Analyzer

The information you gather that way can be used for the elaboration of your dashboards and overviews. You can either choose to focus on current data to improve your reaction time, or to analyze a specific trend. For your comfort, we would like to introduce Rimses Analyzer. Rimses Analyzer centralizes your Rimses data into a simple data model, the so-called cubes. These cubes offer a quick data analysis as well as the possibility to perform the analysis from different angles.

Present your information in your way

You use Rimses Analyzer but can still freely choose the reporting tools you want to use. You can choose among Cognos, Qlikview, Excel or any other tool. With Rimses, we offer you out of the box a number of standard dashboards containing important data. Therefore, we rely on more than 26 years of experience gained at customers in the maintenance sector.

Rimses Analyzer is proposed as a separate module.