Work flow for your purchase process

Since the working of a maintenance department is more than just organizing the maintenance activities, Rimses provides logistical functions for maintenance management and inventory management.
If your company already uses an ERP system for purchase management, you can use Rimses Interface to exchange data between your ERP system and Rimses, allowing you to perform all actions in just one system. With the interface, the required information is exchanged between the two systems.

Purchase order requests

Everyone who wishes to order material or services can easily file a request with the purchase department by using the purchase order request function. eRimses allows everyone to do so through a web browser. For the purchaser this means that he already has quite some information about the purchase order request available in the system (a.o. what exactly should be ordered, cost center or work order, desired lead time, possible supplier and price) and that he can process the request from there.
In order to avoid unauthorized expenditures or monitor overspending, purchase order request authorization can be set.


To strongly simplify the purchase process for a logistical user, Rimses provides a link to an e-catalog where the MRO articles can be ordered directly. The link will retrieve the article information and corresponding prices and upload the data to Rimses. Not only is the purchase order request immediately available for ordering, but the article information and the price data are completed in Rimses as well.

Price requests and quotation registration

Supplier information, including price lists per object (article, material or service) can be kept in the extensive supplier management module in Rimses. To send a price request to multiple suppliers at the same time, an electronic price request function is available. You can inquire about several objects or objects for which a contract has already been made with the supplier. When you electronically receive the prices from the different suppliers, they can be uploaded to Rimses and be compared per object or per batch you want to buy from the supplier. You decide which supplier will be your preferred supplier for different objects. Because all information is stored in the system, account can be given for why you have chosen a certain supplier.

Purchase orders

To make a purchase order form as clear as possible for the supplier, a.o. the language and the currency can be set for each supplier, the currency rate can be defined by company and documents to clarify the purchase order form can be added. You have full control over the fields that are displayed on the purchase order form and the layout of the form. Purchase order forms no longer have to be printed out. They can immediately be sent by fax or e-mail.

Invoice registration wizard

The logistical movements corresponding to the invoice can be consulted when registering invoices in Rimses. In a few steps, the wizard guides you through the registration, the matching and financial process and the creation of anomaly files. With this function, credit notes can also be registered and linked to anomaly files. During invoice registration or during the handling of the anomaly file, price changes may be transposed to the price lists and charged to the stock or consumptions. From the wizard, you can link to the scanned invoice or other documents.

These functions are available in the products: