Waste processing company Omrin concludes that Rimses simplifies maintenance and services

Omrin is the trading name for Afvalsturing Friesland N.V. and Fryslân Miljeu N.V. seated in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Omrin performs a broad array of activities in the waste processing industry. A large part of the waste is made suitable for reuse and many goods are given a second life through shops which specialize in recycled goods. Fermenting residual waste into green power (biogas) is also one of Omrin's activities. Since 2011 Omrin has its own residual substance power plant in which non-reusable waste is burned and converted into energy.

Omrin and Rimses, a durable relationship.

To be able to process waste durably it first has to be collected. To this end, Omrin uses about 180 trucks on a daily basis. Because every vehicle needs maintenance regularly, an own workshop is no luxury. Rimses, RealDolmen's maintenance package, is used to keep the workshop running. "We have a lot of work orders for repairs and maintenance. These are all in Rimses and, as a result, in the repair history of each vehicle."

Rimses on the work floor

The inventory management module also comes in handy. "Our vehicles often require specific parts and by managing our stock with the help of Rimses, we never have to wait for those parts." says Auke Visser, manager of the Maintenance workshop. All Omrin's vehicles are equipped with a registration system for CMS (container management system) and some with a DIFTAR measuring instrument. These measuring instruments are serviced in the workshop and require unique parts.

Rimses also for purchase and sales

Auke Visser continues: "In addition, we also use the purchase and sales modules in Rimses. We not only purchase parts but also services with this module. Some repairs are outsourced but we always follow it up internally as well. To do so, we use a purchase order form with the Rimses work order linked to it."

And then there is also invoicing. Auke Visser: "We use Rimses to create invoices for both internal departments as external parties such as surrounding towns."

Analysis and adjustments of maintenance

At Omrin, 40% of the maintenance activities are preventive. The other 60% are corrective maintenances. A part of the corrective maintenance consists of malfunctions due to which a vehicle is unable to continue its route. "With Rimses we can deal with those statuses much more closely and analyze how often real malfunctions occur and how they arise. Omrin works with Rimses Analyzer, which retrieves all required data from Rimses. This allows us to plan maintenance more accurately, resulting in less malfunctions and vehicles that can stay operational."

Rimses6 will also make work easier in the future

Very recently, Rimses and the cooperation with Realdolmen have been revalued. Omrin concluded that Rimses is still the best answer to the company's needs. Early 2013 a new version of Rimses, Rimses6, was released. "I believe that with the help of Rimses6, we will continue to grow." concludes Auke Visser. "Everything that can make our work easier is more than welcome. And we have learned that this is exactly what we can expect from Rimses."

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