At one single glance your BI tool gives an insight in the performance of your maintenance department

You want to know how well your maintenance department is doing. If you want to improve your productivity, then you must know where you need to make adjustments. Much knowledge begins with the information you collect in the CMMS. Which machines experienced downtime? For how long? Where are most of your costs situated? Just to list a few questions.

You want to keep a finger on the pulse, you want to act on the basis of facts rather than feelings and you want a prompt answer to many questions.

Rimses Analyzer BI tool for Rimses6

With a Business Intelligence Tool on the data from your CMMS, you dispose of a lot of information in no time.

Rimses Analyzer retrieves all relevant data from the Rimses6 database. It will automatically load the information in a data warehouse and at the same time create a number of cubes. The only thing you have to do, is look at the information with your favorite tool: Microsoft® Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services, Cognos®, Business Objects®, Crystal Reports®; it's your choice. You can even combine information of other systems with the Rimses6 data in order to extend your analysis.

Key Performance Indicators

Rimses Analyzer has a set of KPI’s that focus on:

  • Maintenance: Mean Time To Repair, planned versus unplanned work, failure rate, top 10 failures …
  • Purchase: average delivery time, service level suppliers, delivery percentage...
  • Warehouse: stock value, stock rotation, number of movements via MRP...
  • Budget: budget comparison for entered budgets and period-to-date budgets...
  • Service: average reaction time for handling service requests, average processing time for service orders, planned invoice amount for performance and material...

Create your own dashboard

A good dashboard comprises exactly those indicators on which you want to focus your analysis; including a number of "flashing lights". A good dashboard also gives you a well-balanced idea of the various aspects and functions of your department. Besides, it connects well with the general business objectives and the business systems.

With the supplied KPI's, combined with the dimensions for analysis over time, per department, per asset structure ... you will get an idea of the evolution of your maintenance department. The manager of the technical department quickly gains an insight in the issues that demand his attention and the general management gets an idea of the achievements and costs of the maintenance department.

Advantages of Rimses Analyzer

  • KPI's based on best practices by EAM consultants
  • Extensive drill-down and drill-through capabilities
  • Quickly identifies problem areas and opportunities
  • Quick return on investment
  • No IT or database knowledge required
  • Can be linked to a BI tool of your choice
Rimses Analyzer