Mobile maintenance today: you cannot do without a mobile device

Mobile maintenance today: you can't do without a mobile device anymore. For everyone involved in maintenance, it's important that they can take quick and mobile actions. For instance, from the factory or any other location, they should be able to immediately report a problem so that technicians can resolve it as soon as possible. Technicians want to be able to start working immediately with as much information as possible about the tasks to be performed from their To-Do list. It's helpful if photos sent by the reporter can be consulted immediately.

Rimses Mobile Work Requests

With Rimses Mobile Work Requests, the reporter can:

· Easily scan the installation using a barcode or QR code

· Clarify the problem notification with photos

· Track the status of their notifications

The application is a progressive web app that can be used on both a mobile device (Android, Windows & Iphone device) and a desktop.

You can easily install the app with a QR code. After signing in once, you can start registering problems. The app is very intuitive, training is unnecessary.


Rimses Mobile Maintenance +

Rimses Mobile Maintenance + allows the technician to perform the following actions:


· Complete the To-Do list for the work to be done

· Consult information and documents about the work to be done

· Perform checklists (including measurement points)

· Online registration of consumed materials with immediate processing

· Add photos to a work order and fault report

· Complete the work

· Create and handle a fault report

· Forward a work order to another executor (if permitted by executors)

· Create work requests

· Collaborate with multiple technicians


You can start using the application after a limited installation and configuration of the back office and a simple installation of the app on mobile devices running the Android OS. Models specifically designed for industrial environments (e.g., ATEX) are also compatible, of course.

You can work with the app both online and offline. Offline, you have all the information available after it's been loaded. Once online, the work is synchronized.


What are the advantages of Rimses Mobile Maintenance + ?

  • User-friendly
  • Fast communication for both reporters, technicians, and planners
  • All information is available on the spot, saving time
  • Efficient registration of work and automatic capture of worked hours