January 16, 2023
Rimses 6.9 is available for you

What's new in this version?

Rimses 6.9 also offers many new features. For example, for Safety users, we bring in this version an Android app to handle Lock out Tag out (LOTO) procedures: Rimses Mobile Safety. This means you can now report locking and unlocking points in a mobile way and digitally. As a result, you have less administration and faster handling of the corresponding work orders. The functionality of Rimses Mobile Work Requests, a mobile app to create work requests, has been extended. The graphical planning per person and the invoicing wizard were functionally extended, as was the logbook function. All additional comments in checklists can now generate a signal. The use of SharePoint is easier and the delegation principle has been extended to recipients of anomaly files and work order acceptors.

Download the flyer and the overview or contact us for more information.