November 22, 2020

As usual, Realdolmen has delivered a new version of Rimses 6.7 over the past month. 

Every year, we update Rimses with new functionalities. Most of the current year’s efforts have focused on graphic planning improvements. A planning tool is essential for maintenance work. Graphic planning by person in Rimses is based on the use of a planning board and drag & drop. The planning board helps you to increase maintenance staff availability and productivity.

• When adding standard activities, you can now create a print preview for the work order within the same window.
• The maximum email address length has been increased to 255 characters, and you can enter multiple addresses.
• It is now possible to set a default folder for documents in the settings. In other words: no more uncontrolled storage.
• The interface will process xml files for entry in the correct order, sorted by file date.
• To start modifying planning data, you now use a toolbar button instead of going via the menu.

Download the flyer or contact us for more information.