Safety Management

A healthy and safe working environment may well be the most important condition of employment that exists.  For the lack of it will lead to absenteeism, disability and declined performance. It is in your company's best interest to prioritize a safe and healthy working environment.

Nevertheless, it seems that not all companies consider safety management as self-evident. Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of accidents causing injuries, absence, and in the worst case, death.  

Maintenance plays an important role in safety. Poorly maintained machines are a hazard to the people who operate them. However, the maintenance work itself also has to be carried out safely. The level of safety has to do with rules, corporate culture, knowledge of safety regulations, one's own ambition to work safely and many other factors.  For example, an excessive workload may cause people to neglect certain safety regulations.  In other words, there is much to reflect upon. Rimses can already offer you an integrated solution in this field.

Rimses if safety is a must

We recognize the necessity of integrating safety into maintenance activities.  For this reason, we developed a specific solution for safety management. It was accomplished in close cooperation with our customers and experts in the field of safety.  The integrated solution includes functionality for:

  • Risk management
  • Safety measures
  • Working papers
  • Lockout-Tagout procedures (LOTO)

You can limit risks by applying safety measures to contain the risk. The validation of work permits provides certainty that the working conditions are safe. Safety measures can be validated both before and after the maintenance work is completed. Rimses does not allow you to start a task until the validation has been formally recorded.

The lockout-tagout procedure ensures that installations and machines are made safe by disconnecting them from all power sources with a lock and tag. The LOTO procedures include both locking and unlocking requirements. A geographic tree structure shows all the isolation points and their status at a glance.

You can manage safety based on parameters for geographic location, location type and work category. The safety measures are then applicable to all maintenance activities within one or more of these parameters. This allows you to work with safety standards, so that you do not have to create a link to each of the measures every time yourself.


What does it mean for you? With regard to the costs, you do not have to invest in extra software in order to support your safety policy. Rimses will offer even more functionality in the field of HSE (Health, Safety & Environment).  An integrated solution provides many advantages regarding efficiency as well.  If you would have to acquire a separate solution, you would probably have to enter specific data twice or give your employees access to several applications. 

Obviously, having everything in one user-friendly and feasible application has a positive impact on usability.  For your maintenance workers are already used to working with Rimses and therefore can easily find their way around.