Maintenance management in automotive industry: downtime is not an option

The automotive industry is characterized by production in assembly lines in which the assembly of cars, trucks,... continues until the completed vehicle is able to drive off the assembly line. Downtime on an assembly line immediately results in a number of vehicles that cannot be produced that day. It goes without saying that downtime is not tolerated and that good proactive maintenance is crucial for both the manufacturing company and its suppliers.

What does the sector consider imperative?

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Planning
  • TPM work orders for autonomous maintenance
  • Smooth processing of a high number of work order per week
  • Insight in KPIs for the organization of maintenance activities

Why Rimses for the automotive industry?

  • With the graphical planning tables the maintenance department gets an instant overview of the work to be performed (including forecasts) and the availability of the executors.
  • The planning can easily be drawn up by team.
  • Managing preventive maintenance is made easy with the use of checklists and instructions.
  • Predictive maintenance can easily be set up on the basis of CBM (Condition Based Maintenance).
  • Shut down period management is supported well.
  • The system provides a quick overview of the history of performed interventions.
  • You can rest assured that everyone has a solid knowledge of the production lines.


These functions are available in the packages:

Also interesting for this industry are the following modules:


  • Alro
  • Honda Europe