Logistics management for Purchase and Stock

Rimses allows a maintenance department to do much more than planning maintenance activities. It also allows executing the logistic transactions for the spare parts and services required for the maintenance. With Rimses, you can strongly optimize the logistic process and thus, be cost-reducing.

Functionalities for purchase management:

For orders made in a supplier's e-catalog, you can use Rimses E-catalog

Functionalities for stock management:


The functionalities for purchase and stock management are available in the following products:


The product Rimses Fundamental  contains limited stock functionalities allowing data exchanges with other systems (purchase and stock system or ERP system).

Rimses Interface

If your company already uses an ERP system for stock or purchase management, you can use Rimses Interface  to exchange data between your ERP system and Rimses. This way, you can perform all actions in just one system. For the interface makes the required information available in the other system.


With this module, all people who have access can create purchase order requests and material requests via the web.