Quick and efficient inspection rounds

You want to allow your technicians to perform quick and efficient inspection rounds that you organize on a regular basis as part of preventive or predictive maintenance.
The function Checklist or Control list is a good basis to prepare these inspection rounds. You can easily compose a checklist, by grouping inspection tasks on the basis of an installation or a machine.
You determine the order in which the inspection round is executed.                                                                                  

The checklist can be easily reused for other inspections on other installations by the use of templates. Within a checklist, inspection tasks for one installation can also be reused for inspection tasks on other assets. If the same tasks have to be performed on different installations, you can link these tasks to the installations in one single move.
On the basis of the control list, you can create both unique work orders and repetitive work orders for preventive maintenance

Just as you are used to checking off a control on a paper checklist, you can now indicate in an electronic list box whether a control is OK or not OK.  When the performed inspection is not OK, the technician also mentions the reason why. The planner of the work order receives an alert, allowing him to immediately take the required actions in order to resolve the problem.

Register measured values

During an inspection round, you often have to register measured values, on the basis of which you can organize conditional maintenance The function Checklist allows you to register these measured values. Rimses uses color codes to indicate whether the measured value falls within the range of the allowed values. When a minimum or maximum value has been exceeded, an immediate action will be proposed by the system. You determine in advance which action has to be taken when a measured value does not fall within the allowed range. This action can range from an alert, to a work request or a work order. This way, you can create corrective work orders for proactive maintenance.


These functions are available in the products: