For years, Rimses has been on the menu of many food producing companies

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the food industry today without food chain security. Typically, the food industry is subject to increasingly stringent standards. Traceability is becoming increasingly important. With a good system, it is possible to keep a complete maintenance history of the machines. This is to ensure at all times that no harmful objects end up in the packaging or that the production process gets contaminated.

With Rimses food producing companies can keep track of everything and consult the maintenance history of the machines to even the smallest part. For audit purposes, the desired information can very quickly be retrieved from the maintenance history on the basis of filters, immediately providing you with the required information for every audit.

Rimses fully supports the working of the technical service at Campbell Foods Belgium in Puurs

The American Cambell Soup Company is a world-wide key player in the food industry. The Belgian subsidiary Campbell Foods Belgium in Puurs, also houses the group's European Headquarters. Campbell Foods Belgium employs 280 people. The core product of the liquid food production are the sauces of Devos Lemmens. Baking powders from Impérial constitute the top product of the solid food production. But, whether it be solid or liquid, the production of foodstuff always implies important engineering, maintenance and security matters. All these functions, including the environment, buildings and technical purchases are part of the responsibilities of the technical department.

Rimses is used for purchase and inventory management and for organizing maintenance

For about five years, the warehouse has been totally computerized and Campbell Foods Belgium has been using the "open door" principle. Technicians come to the warehouse to retrieve the material they need. They scan the bar codes which are linked to their name, the cost center where the part will be used and the article itself. They enter the quantity they need and take it along.

Besides stock material, the technical purchase department also creates purchase order forms for other technical material and services.

Peter Van Steen, Technical & Engineering Manager is in charge of the technical department.

He explains: "Today, Rimses is used in four levels within the company. I am in charge of the maintenance of the package and can count on the support of the ICT department. Then there are work planners: production supervisors and employees of the technical service have almost as many rights in the system as I have. Technicians come third. They can create work orders themselves when needed - the so-called TPM WO - and can execute these immediately. Finally, we have the requesters. With requesters we refer to all internal customers with a Rimses ID. They are spread all over the company and can create work requests for the production or security department, but most requests are meant for the technical department.

Now, the complete work flow for the technical department can be found in Rimses. Preventive maintenance is also monitored in Rimses. Thus, problems can be discovered easier and a potential impact on the production is reduced significantly."

Rimses, user friendly through and through

"RealDolmen did a good job by introducing Rimses to Campbells'", concludes Peter Van Steen. "As the main administrator of the package, I am really satisfied about it. As well about the use as the planning as the follow-up and notification functionalities."

Luc Bulckmans, Technical purchase officer, even goes further by saying: "I cannot work without Rimses any more". And I do not mind that, as it is a really user-friendly tool. The windows are conveniently laid out and there are no superfluous steps which have to be taken. Anyone can work with Rimses, and that is important for the continuity of the department'. I am truly and thoroughly satisfied."


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