Implementation consultants get the job done

An implementation consultant will guide you through the implementation process of the system. Our starting point in this is a gradually change process to bring the system into use. The phased introduction implies that results are quickly obtained and that users will soon learn the advantages of the system. This is only possible because the parameters for the system setup can be entered gradually in Rimses6.

Our consultant records your initial situation by performing a quick scan or assessment. In consultation with you, the goals you wish to achieve with the CMMS are recorded. Subsequently, your working methods are analyzed. Based on the results of this analysis, a business process re-engineering may be proposed if needed. We always try to guide you towards best practices. This way, you get to enjoy the rich standard functionality of the system while we keep an eye on what is specifically required for your company or industry. Over the course of the years, our customers have helped enhance the system and supported us throughout the development of new functionality.

You can also appeal to our experience for the implementation of maintenance strategies such as RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) or the creation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reporting.

Typically, the following elements are chosen for an implementation:

  • configuration parameters
  • user profiles
  • workflows within the system
  • data and data structure
  • data conversion and data upload from existing systems
  • adjustments to window layout
  • documents
  • reports

During the implementation process is also noted whether or not Rimses6 should exchange data with other systems. To this end, Rimses Interface can be used.

The result of the implementation assistance is an optimally configured system which will accomplish your goals concerning maintenance or service.