All failure notifications and requests in one system for a better communication

From now on, no more individual mails or disturbing phone calls

All notifications and requests are recorded into one system. This way, the work planner has an instant overview of all questions and requests that require a reply. It is simple. Give everyone who wants to report a problem or request material or services access to eRimses through an internet browser. After the request or notification has been recorded in the system, others can also see whether a failure has already been reported or not. As such, double registrations are being avoided.

Everyone pleased with the follow-up

Apart from their registration, colleagues also get information about the follow-up. What has the technical department or maintenance department already done with the failure message or has the problem already been solved? Were the purchasers already able to pick up the order request for material and has the order already been sent out? The requestor can use filters to follow up his own notifications or those of his colleagues as well.

Failure notifications or work requests comprise all required information

The production employees, in fact everyone who records a notification for that matter, can immediately indicate on which infrastructure the problem occurs. The failure can be documented with photos and descriptions so that the problem can be assessed more efficiently. You also know whether it is a serious failure that needs immediate solving. The request can also mention if there are any safety and environment specifications and who is responsible for acceptance after the problem has been solved.

To lower the threshold for the registration of a notification, you can opt for a simple function by which it suffices to simply describe a problem and indicate the urgency.

Need a material or a service? Looking it up is child's play

Your colleagues can search for materials and services in a user-friendly catalog.
eRimses automatically detects whether the article is a warehouse article or not and whether there is available stock or not. Upon delivery of the material, the requestor gets an alert or signal in eRimses, so that he can go and pick up the requested material.
For materials you requested earlier, you can also create a return request in case of a material surplus. This allows materials which were not used for the execution of a work, to be returned to the warehouse or if necessary to the supplier.

Also included: support of the workflow for purchase order requests

If you choose to work with authorization flows, you can allow those people who have to approve purchase order requests to access eRimses. The authorizer will receive an alert and an overview of the requests that needs his approval. In case of rejection, the requestor can also consult the reason of rejection.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Once-only registration of notifications and requests in one system
  • No loss of data
  • Improved communication between all parties involved
  • Better follow-up of the tasks from notification until execution
  • Always up-to-date of material deliveries
  • Cost savings and cost efficiency thanks to integral follow-up from request to central processing

You can also create purchase order requests in Rimses E-catalogus.