No more duplication thanks to Rimses Interface

If you already use an ERP system or a financial application, you surely do not want to have to enter the data in both systems. This would only lead to mistakes and require a lot of time of your employees. In addition, it is hard to find out which system contains the up to date information.
Luckily it is possible to create an interface between the two systems. The most important aspect is that these interfaces do not have to be rewritten each time an upgrade or update of the application takes place.
RealDolmen has standardized the interfaces for entities (objects, work orders, suppliers, ...) that are managed in a CMMS. This means that the interfaces will remain, even when the system is updated or upgraded.

Rimses Interface Module

To be able to interface with other applications such as ERP systems (MS Dynamics AX, SAP, JD Edwards,...) and financial applications, Rimses Interface provides an interface module that uses a mapping component which allows for the formats in which data is exchanged between two applications to be attuned.
Rimses Interface uses XML or ASCII data that can be exchanged through the file system, the windows message queue or a web service.

Mapping tool

Because different systems unavoidably use different names and attributes for the same entities, a translation between the two systems has to be made. In Rimses, for example, the term Objects is used for a.o. machines. Derivatives are Object Code, Object Name, Object Type, Object Subtype, Cost Center Code,.. It is quite possible that the application the data has to be exchanged with uses Assets as synonym for machines, and uses Asset ID, Asset Name, Asset Group, Asset Subgroup, Allocation Cost,...

In order to translate these terms RealDolmen has created its own mapping tool, which means you do not have to purchase other expensive mapping tools.

Interface mechanism and functionality

Data exchange can occur in both directions: export data from Rimses to, for example, your ERP system or vice versa import from the ERP system to Rimses.
The data can be interactively exchanged online or can be provided to the other system at fixed intervals via a batch for import or export of data.

Managing the interfaces is supported by features in the application for the establishment of administrator rights, communication logging and error processing.

Our team is ready to help you realize your interfaces

Our consultants and specialists assist you in taking certain decisions.
Which functions are executed in which application? Does invoice registration for purchase invoices for maintenance take place in Rimses or in the ERP system? Who will be the administrator for certain entities? How will the data be exchanged best? Online or in batch? Should data that is normally not managed in Rimses be available for inspection in Rimses?

Rimses Interface testimony

We have set up interfaces between Rimses and other systems for purchase and inventory management, financial applications, ERP systems, ... for different customers.
Read more about the interface with SAP in the testimonial by Aperam Genk.

Rimses Interface