August 12, 2019

For many years now, the Rimses team has been committed to supporting our customers who use support software to organize maintenance work. We see that there is still great potential for improvement once the maintenance package has been properly implemented.  A wealth of information is included in the package that we can use through the Deming cycle theory of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) for actual follow-up, adjustment and improvement of maintenance activities.
Our reporting tools can be used as an accelerator to address various optimization issues, such as the follow-up of checklists and inspection lists. By doing this in a controlled manner, we obtain statistical information about the findings from checks, which makes it possible to take actions, provide feedback for audits and adjust preventative maintenance and checks. With various Pareto analyses, installation issues can be brought to the surface in order to carry out and follow up on optimization measures.

If you are curious about the added value, keep an eye on our website for information about the possible optimization processes.