Maintenance management in the petrochemical sector: safety comes first

In the petrochemical industry, oil fractions are processed into various chemical products. Oil refineries use chemical techniques to clean and separate crude oil into various fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil and naphtha. From these fuels, other chemical products are being derived as raw produce for other industries such as the synthetic or plastic industry. Besides the production of petrochemical materials, the storage of these fuels in terminals with tanks and pipelines is also an industrial activity in this sector.

What is of key importance to the sector?

  • Safety
  • Follow-up of strict regulations
  • A thorough follow-up of the impact of problems with the production quality or an incident

Why Rimses for the petrochemical industry?

  • With the extensive purchase management, you have all the required components and services for maintenance management.
  • The stock management ensures that the stocks of your critical parts are kept up.
  • With the planned maintenance, you can easily organize the preventive maintenance. The checklist functionality enables technicians to execute their inspection rounds promptly. The execution of imposed controls by laws and regulations can also be easily organized with the planned maintenance.
  • The system provides you with a logistics and maintenance follow-up of spare parts. Spare parts are typical parts that you assemble and disassemble in order to be maintained in a workshop.
  • For the work that you outsource to contractors an excellent follow-up has been provided.
  • The system provides a quick overview of the history of performed interventions.
  • You have the assurance that everyone has a solid knowledge of the infrastructure to be maintained.
  • The planning of the maintenance can easily be drawn up by team.


These functions are available in the products:

Also interesting for the petrochemical sector is the maintenance management for safe maintenance.

Also interesting for this industry:


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