Maintenance management in the port sector: mobility all around

Each year, tons of goods are being shipped in ports all over the world. Ports play an important role in the supply chain of suppliers and customers.

To a large extent, port infrastructure consists of capital-intensive assets that must be operational for the loading and unloading of shipments, the storage and the handling of goods. Port operators have terminals, installations, cranes, storage tanks, ..., for freight handling.

What is of key importance to the sector?

  • Large availability and reliability of the port infrastructure
  • Optimal maintenance of expensive infrastructure
  • Efficient inspection rounds on large sites
  • Decent support of maintenance in a large area
  • Support of safety and regulations

Why Rimses for the port industry?

  • With preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance on the basis of CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) a greater reliability and availability of infrastructure can be guaranteed.
  • Rimses Mobile ensures that maintenance workers in a large area, such as a port, dispose of all required information, including documents and photos about the installations and the work to be executed.
  • You can easily set up inspection rounds, including checklists and the registration of measured values. A maintenance worker can also use Rimses Mobile to execute the inspection rounds.
  • Rimses provides an integrated solution for safe maintenance by means of working papers and LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) procedures. Rimses Mobile also supports these safety procedures.


These functions are available in the products:

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