All contract data for purchase and maintenance at a glance

On several occasions, you will appeal to external parties to ensure that the maintenance department is working as efficiently as possible.  The cooperation process with other parties already starts with the purchase department that negotiates with the suppliers and states the best conditions in price agreements and contracts for spare parts. For specialized services, you will appeal to domain experts.  You will also enter into agreement with these parties. Agreements that you want to stipulate in contracts. 

Screenshot Contract Management

Rimses contract management

With the contract management, you are able to record and manage your supplier contracts. You create your own contract types: framework agreements, purchase contracts, maintenance contracts, ... You have information on the supplier, the duration of the contract, the term of notice, the conditions, the cost price, ... You can easily add documents to the contract. These documents can then be consulted immediately (e.g. the contract in PDF format).  This way, everyone involved has access to all relevant information on the contract. 

Maintenance contracts

With regard to maintenance contracts with external parties, you include the information about agreements on services to be delivered in the contract. How fast do you expect the contractor to handle a problem? On which days and hours can they provide service? Who is the technical contact person?
You link installations and machines to the contract in order for the system to notify you that a specific installation or machine is part of a maintenance contract when recording a work order. 
For work orders with external execution, the work form can be mailed immediately to the contractor. Purchase order requests for additional service can be created directly from the work order as well. 

Alerts (signals) on a contract

You want to extend the term of the contract, or you have reasons not to extend it. In both cases, you want to take action in time. Rimses will notify you of the expiration date by sending you a mail or an alert. If you want to, you can also automatically launch a purchase order request for the renewal of the contract. 

The advantages of contract management with Rimses

  • Contracts can always be accessed by all people involved
  • Digitally managing your contracts saves paperwork
  • The contract management is integrated in the organization of maintenance and purchase
  • You can adjust the purchase process by integrating the supplier management with supplier assessments and contracts.

These functions are available in the products: