Service and maintenance for installation companies: the customer is always the focus of attention

What does the sector thinks is important?

  • All information concerning agreements made with the customer is available for everyone within the company
  • Fluent communication between all operational departments
  • Support for registration of error messages
  • Knowledge about the installed base at the customer
  • Planning of the planned and unplanned maintenance activities
  • Good project follow-up
  • Ability to follow-up sales opportunities and prospects
  • Correct invoicing

Why Rimses for service providers and installation companies?

  • Rimses Service allows you to fix all agreements with the customer and test the service according to the made agreements.
  • Rimses Service offers you a fully integrated solution with which all your employees can easily exchange and transfer information. The Sales department knows what the business yields, field service employees know the agreements which have been made with the customer and stock managers manage the inventory.
  • With the Call Intake function, the help desk operator immediately has all the information about the customer and the installation at his disposal, allowing him to treat the customer in a highly professional way.
  • With the graphical planning tables, the maintenance department gets an instant overview of the work to be performed and the availability of the executors.
  • Rimses Project management supports your projects from the sales order up until the execution, both operationally and financially with cost estimation, budget control and retrospective calculations.
  • From quotation to actual execution, the information concerning a certain work order is available for everyone within the company. With each contact with your customer, you can work in a highly professional manner and even see where there is still room for improvement.
  • With the various possibilities for invoicing, you can quickly and accurately create and send invoices, also for service contracts and rental contracts.


These functions are available in the product Rimses Service.

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