Service management: from now on everyone well informed about all information

Good communication is not always easy but what you can do is to ensure that everyone has access to all available information and that all information can be committed to one and the same system. This way, you know that the information is unambiguous and that the information will grow.

Rimses Service is such a powerful system in which all operational departments of a technical installation company or service company have access to the required functionality for their work. Every department builds on the information of other departments.

Rimses Service  has functions for:

With Rimses Mobile field engineers are able to use mobile devices for the registration of interventions and the consultation of all sorts of relevant information.

Rimses Analyzer  is a BI tool with which you can perform analyses and monitor KPI's for all operational activities of service, maintenance, sales, purchase and stock management.

Rimses Interface

With Rimses Interface you can interface data with your financial system allowing you to perform all actions in just one system. The interface makes the required information available in the other system.