Turn every customer contact into a sales opportunity

From the moment the first customer contact is made and a quotation is requested up to the periodically recurring services based on the agreements made, you collect a lot of valuable information. Reusing this information will undoubtedly lead to customer satisfaction and may result in even more sales opportunities. Each time someone within your company has contact with the customer or performs an intervention, the information will increase. 

Rimses6 Service offers the possibility to register all this valuable information and pass it down to everyone in your company, from the quotation, over the sales order and project monitoring, through to the invoicing. Since the system also provides integrated planning, stock and purchase management and expedition, all operations of your service company are supported.

What can you do with the sales management of Rimses6?

  • Create, qualify and follow up quotations
  • Follow up the sales pipeline
  • Define sales opportunities
  • Manage customers with all their information by sector
  • Manage prices based on article or customer
  • Manage discounts for discount periods for material and services or for customers.
  • Manage sales actions
  • Manage sales orders for both installations and projects
  • Create templates for sales orders
  • Convert sales orders into work orders
  • Use extensive invoicing options
    • Create pro forma invoices
    • Create invoicing proposals so that invoicing can be adjusted
    • Invoice periodically
    • Manage invoicing installments
    • Send invoices
    • Create credit notes
    • Invoice leases
    • Invoice service contracts

Sales orders form the basis for work orders and invoicing

Because the quotation or the sales order already specifies which material and services will be purchased and delivered for the order, which performances will be provided and which department and/or planner will be in charge of the execution, the foundation for the work order and the subsequent invoice has already been laid.

This means that the people who execute the work are always aware of the agreements with the customer and that invoicing closely follows the execution and the agreements made. As a result, invoices can be made and sent quickly and accurately and fewer credit notes have to be created.
And because contract management  is integrated as well, the technical service knows which interventions have to be performed. Additionally, the invoicing department knows which services and which material are not part of the contract and can be charged additionally. 

Screenshot Sales Management

Sales reports

Because everyone uses the same system, there is also a lot of information available for analysis. The turnover of every sale or intervention can be viewed in function of the costs and proceeds and the profit margins can be consulted. The service level of the service department can be measured and compared to the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that were made with the customer.
Besides standard reports, Rimses Analyzer  also offers extensive analysis capabilities and KPI's regarding service management.


The functionalities for service management can be found in Rimses6 Service
In Rimses6 Service, you also have functionalities for Maintenance management and Logistics management
Data exchange with your financial system can be supported by Rimses Interface.