Easily plan maintenance tasks on the planning table

When planning maintenance tasks, it is important to have an insight into the availabilities of the technicians. You should also know whether or not an installation may or can be worked on.  For this, Rimses provides you with a number of planning tables with different perspectives.

Graphical planning per person

You want to plan short-term maintenance tasks. You can easily do so with the graphical planning per person.  In order to assign tasks, you can assign work orders on the planning table to one or more executors. You can determine which works you want to plan to the level of executors linked to a department or a shift.
From an overview at the bottom of the table, you can assign the work order to one or more executors by simply dragging and dropping the work order onto the planning table.  The planner can see which resources are available. From the holiday application of Rimses, the unavailability of an employee can also be visualized in the planning.  You can drag and drop work orders on the planning table, move them forward or backward in time or split them so that the lead time doesn't take complete possession of the planning.

Graphical capacity planning

With the graphical capacity planning, the planner has a powerful graphical planning table for the follow-up of work orders and the available capacity on a slightly longer term.
In this planning, you get a clear image of the workload of all maintenance tasks or a selection of it, as well as the available capacity for the execution of the tasks.

By simply dragging and dropping blocks, you will get a graphical representation of planning modifications.
The planning table gives a complete overview of the work to be executed, based on work orders, planned maintenance and forecasts (future work) of planned maintenance. The time line can be entered dynamically.  As such, short-term and long-term overload will quickly surface.

Simulations ensure that the planner will not be burdened with temporary modifications. The planner can transfer modifications from the graphical capacity planning to the work order parameters for execution: executor, shift, working hours and start date.

Planning preventive maintenance

The planning table for visualization planning and forecast is a tool with which you can monitor the work for planned maintenance purposively on the level of the installations or groups of installations or machines. If necessary, you can make adjustments as well.  By using search filters, you can determine among others for which installations or groups of installations you want the planned maintenance to be visualized. Both the planned maintenance and the forecasts for planned maintenance will be displayed. 

These functions are available in the products: