It is better to prevent than to cure

By performing preventive maintenance you can avoid that your machines start working worse or stop working at all. This way, the costs as a result of downtime are reduced. This means you are already performing maintenance, even before actual problems occur.
Preventive maintenance can be performed on the basis of periodical or predictive maintenance.

Periodic maintenance

You perform inspections and interventions based on a fixed interval or a number of running hours. The function for Planned maintenance in Rimses helps you to create all necessary preventive maintenance services automatically, based on periodic maintenance.

To do so, you can use:

Standard activities

You create templates for a task containing all work preparation, including the estimate of the activities and the accompanying documents such as images, blueprints, descriptions, etc. When creating a preventive work order, you can base this on the standard activity so that you can quickly link all information and tasks to be executed to your work order.

Planned maintenance

Rimses will automatically create preventive work orders on a regular basis. The frequency can be determined on the basis of time or counters or a combination of the two (whichever limit is reached first). It is possible to link multiple planned maintenance services to an asset. However, a planned maintenance can also be linked to multiple assets by using clustered tasks.

Clustered tasks

Because you do not want to create a work order for each task, Rimses offers you the possibility to create clustered tasks which can be linked to a work order. For lubrication routes you create clusters of one or multiple tasks to be performed on several installations or machines. You can also group tasks you want to be performed on one piece of equipment or machine with one work order.


The Checklists function allows you to mark installations which have been physically inspected during an inspection round as OK or Not OK. With Rimses Mobile you no longer need pen and paper. The checklist can be completed on the mobile application itself. 

Maintenance schedules

If you have to perform multiple tasks in a cycle, these tasks can be linked to a maintenance schedule. For instance, a maintenance schedule alternating minor maintenance and major maintenance. It is possible to link multiple maintenance schedules to an asset.

Planning preventive maintenance

In order to keep an eye on preventive maintenance, Rimses is equipped with a user-friendly graphical planning table on which the planned maintenance can be visualized quickly and clearly. By using search filters, you can determine among others for which installations or groups of installations you want the planned maintenance to be visualized. You can also look ahead to see if not too much work is planned for a certain period. Rimses also shows the forecasts based on the planned work.

These functions are available in the products: