Maintenance management in the industrial sector: preventive maintenance over corrective maintenance

Industry is a broad description of manufacturing companies that are characterized by a production process that is highly mechanized and automated. A classic classification of industry is process manufacturing on one hand and discrete manufacturing on the other.

  • Process manufacturing comprises those companies of which the production process is process-oriented. For example: chemical industry, paint industry, paper manufacturing, refineries, ...
  • Discrete manufacturing is characterized by a production process that produces individual products. For example: textile industry, producers of machines and appliances, furniture industry, ...

The present economic climate constantly imposes new requirements on the industry. On a technological level, new challenges and possibilities arise rapidly. Customers always expect better quality products.

Regulations keep increasing, resulting in strict environmental legislation and higher expectations in the field of safety measures. And yet, budgetary means do not increase proportionally. In this context, it is important that you can quickly have key information and the correct tools at your disposal in order to achieve the business objectives and stay competitive.

What is of key importance to the sector?

  • Optimize the production in order to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of machines and limit downtime.
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Support of the logistic process of the stock management of spare parts
  • Reduction of corrective maintenance
  • Planning of maintenance work
  • Insight in the KPI's for the performance of the maintenance department

Why Rimses for the industrial sector?

  • A transition from corrective maintenance can be achieved to a more preventive maintenance based strategy by planned maintenance and pre-predictive maintenance on the basis of CBM (Condition Based Maintenance can be achieved.
  • With the TPM-functionality, Rimses supports the management process of autonomous maintenance.
  • The extensive purchase and stock management ensure a solid management of the MRO parts.
  • With the graphical planning tables, the maintenance department gets an instant overview of the work to be performed (including forecasts) and the availability of the executors.
  • Rimses Analyzer offers the possibility to analyze large amounts of data in the system for the purpose of maintenance management, stock and purchase management. With KPI's for each domain, you always keep a finger on the pulse.
  • The user friendliness of Rimses ensures that all parties involved in maintenance management are able to work with the system, both smoothly and easily. The willingness of everyone to work with the system is also important. Only this way, all information will actually end up in the system.
  • Rimses provides an integrated solution for safe maintenance by means of working papers and LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) procedures. Rimses Mobile also supports these safety procedures.
  • Rimses perfectly meets the requirements of the maintenance management of both process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing.


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