Good service for technical installation companies starts with sound agreements

As a service company, you want to assure your customers of excellent service. Everything starts, of course, with the agreements that you make with your customers.
A solid system can help you establish the agreements and check, at any time, if you followed through on the agreements with regard to the services offered or being offered.


Rimses6 service contracts

With the function for service contracts, you determine the agreements that you made with your customers.

  • What is the response time in days, minutes and hours, based on the priority of the work to be done or the reported problem?
  • Which service is included in the contract?
  • Within which days and hours is service being delivered?
  • Which installations or machines are part of the contract?
  • On which delivery addresses can these installations be found?

Invoicing service contracts

For the invoicing of contracts you determine:

  • what will be invoiced on the service contract:
    • the contract itself
    • performances not included in the contract
    • materials not included in the contract
  • in detail how you will deal with the following issues for planned maintenance and malfunctions:
    • spare parts
    • travel allowance
    • kilometers travelled to the customer (actual or fixed 
  • indexing arrangements:
    • no indexing
    • fixed percentage: annual adaptation of unit price based on fixed percentage starting as of previous indexation date

formula: annual calculation based on index and defined formula as of previous indexing date applied to last indexing value

The advantages of service contracts with Rimses6

  • Contracts can always be accessed by all people involved
  • The digital management of your contracts saves paperwork
  • The contract management is integrated in the organization of maintenance and customer management
  • There is integration with maintenance contracts for service for which you appeal to contractors.
  • You can follow the service level of the performed maintenance via Service Level Agreements
  • You can invoice quickly and correctly.

This function is available in the product Rimses6 Service.