Rimses makes it easier to meet compliance requirements

Are you required to repeatedly demonstrate how your processes are executed, and to do it faster each time?
Is traceability a requirement for you? Are you spending a lot of time on audits? Do you perform maintenance at food companies subject to HACCP, IFS and BRC standards?

For quick access to the necessary information, you need centrally stored data about your infrastructure, production installations and machines and the actions carried out on them. But that is just one part of the story. Who are the employees involved? Have they received the required training and do they have the necessary certificates?

Being able to find the data quickly is as important as the actual data storage. It ensures you can respond efficiently to questions from your auditors. These are often legislative bodies or inspection agencies, but they may also be business partners who require relevant information from you on a regular basis. You may also have your own standards

Rimses makes it so much easier to meet these compliance requirements. All the relevant information about your maintenance work and its impact on other business processes is stored in one place in a central database. 

And there is more. You can also use the following features to support your compliance::

Traceability of actions

In the event of a problem, you must be able to state who did what and when. Rimses logs all the execution stages perfectly. You can also have a history available, which you can search from a number of different perspectives. What work was done during a certain period? Why was the work carried out? What were the findings? Who were the various employees involved? You have all the information available immediately at the push of a button. 

Document Management

Rimses allows you to open up and view all your documents from one place, with extensive search options. You have the option of linking documents to:

  • Assets and work orders: instructions, manufacturer documentation, diagrams, drawings, pictures, etc.
  • Customers and suppliers: appointments, communication, etc.
  • Contracts: PDFs of signed agreements, annexes, etc.
  • Safety documents: work permits, safety measures, etc.

Checklists and inspections

You can use checklists for all inspection rounds. You can also have the system create the checklists automatically for inspection rounds that you carry out regularly. On completion, all the findings can be shown, up to the level of the object of the inspection. Rimses will alert you when the findings require additional follow-up.

Validation of release for production after a technical intervention

Validation means the required inspection took place, so you can restart your production safely. Food safety is also an important issue in this respect. In addition, the system stores all validations, so you can always see who performed the validation, when the validation was performed, with links to any comments.

Tracking employee qualifications and training courses

You can see whether an employee still has a valid qualification from a single screen. This ensures that you use the right person with the right certificates for specialized work. Rimses will alert you when an employee needs to update his or her training.

Tracking certificates and inspection on delivery

You can track whether your supplier has provided the required certificate. You will know immediately whether the certificates are still valid. You can decide whether your supplier's delivery quality needs to be inspected. You will know how many parts are still being inspected at any time.

Where used

This convenient function immediately tells you which assets include a given part in their list of materials, and for which job a specific part was used. You can quickly find the relevant assets if there are any problems with a part.

In a nutshell, if you want to work to the highest compliance standards at all times, then Rimses is the solution.