• 26 Aug

    The value of predictive maintenance comes not only from replacing old technology with new technology. The powerful combination of algorithms and the human-computer symbiosis can take your maintenance to a higher level.

  • 12 Aug

    For many years now, the Rimses team has been committed to supporting our customers who use support software to organize maintenance work. We see that there is still great potential for improvement once the maintenance package has been properly implemented.  A wealth of information is included in the package that we can use through the Deming cycle theory of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) for actual follow-up, adjustment and improvement of maintenance activities.

  • 05 Jun

    As usual, Realdolmen has delivered a new version of Rimses 6.6 over the past month. 

  • 18 Dec

    In the maintenance of installations and machines, Industry 4.0 opens doors, allowing data to speak and supporting maintenance engineers in making maintenance decisions.

  • 07 Jun

    Realdolmen releases Rimses 6.5. With this version we are responding to an increasing use of mobile applications, including in the maintenance world. With mobile checklists and measurements, the right information is immediately available for adjustment of the maintenance.